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I have several major writing projects that I am currently working on. One is a planned five-book epic fantasy series. I have outlined Book One (#aSotS) and I have finished the rough draft and am taking a bit of a break before jumping into editing. As of right now the series, The Inner Ring, will be about seven books long, but that could change, it was supposed to be a trilogy at one point. It is an epic fantasy and will have magic, sword fights, rebellion, and a war that rages on many fronts! I will be sending updates on this in my newsletter and mentioning them in my blog as well!

Currently, I am writing the rough draft of The Branded Blade as a bit of a writing refresher. It is in the genre of fantasy as well. But, instead of being in the classical since of fantasy, it takes place in a world that is in a Victorian style era. This book is kind of like a mix between Sherlock Holmes and The Witcher. It has elements of each of those stories that I am trying to combine and make into a unique story of its own. It will be apart of an unnamed trilogy. So far, I’ve loved working on it.

I’m also currently working on a collection of mystery short stories. I will be starting to work on the outline for a science fiction project soon as well. I have a rough idea of what the story is for the science fiction project, so that will become priority one as soon as Book One in #tIRS is completely finished. This project should help me take a break from writing fantasy, and by the time I’m done, I should be ready to tackle Book Two in #tIRS.

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  • Book One of The Inner Ring Saga – #aSotS

    Outline – 100% Completed

    Rough Draft – 100% Completed

    Word Count – 150.9k

  • The Branded Blade

    Outline – 100% Complete

    Rough Draft – 40% Complete

    Word Count: 45.9k

  • Poetry/Short Story Collection

    Rough Draft – 20% Completed

  • Season One of Burger Palace:


    Rough Draft – 100% Completed

    Episode Two – The Trainee:

    Rough Draft – 20% Completed

    Episode Three – The Mascot:

    Rough Draft – 0% Completed

    Episode Four – 24 Hours Part 1:

    Rough Draft – 20% Completed

    Episode Five – 24 Hours Part II:

    Rough Draft – 0% Completed

    Episode Six – Chain of Command:

    Rough Draft – 20% Completed

  • Mystery Short Story Collection

    Story One:

    Outline – 50% Completed

    Story Two:

    Outline – 100% Completed

    Rough Draft – 100% Completed

    Second Draft – 100% Completed

    Third Draft – 100% Completed

    Beta Readers Draft – 0% Completed

  • Science Fiction Project

    Starting Soon… #tFA

  • Screenplay(s)

    Starting Soon…

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