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Red Swords, Integrals, and Longer Days

When the days get longer, I feel more exhausted. It could also be because school is getting close to being over (I’m in exam week right now) and I’m just sleeping less.

I was thinking to myself earlier this week about how little I really use my website to engage readers and talk more about my writing. I’m always using social media now, and I kind of hate that. I would much rather write a blog post than a social media post. But, a lot fewer people read this. In fact, if you’re reading this, you’re probably one out of three people, and the third person is probably a family member. As a compromise for myself, I have decided to post a new blog post on the first of every month. We’ll see how long that lasts.

The month of April was interesting. I’m not sure if it was a good interesting or a bad interesting.

School is almost over, and at the end of every semester, I start to get less and less motivated to do work in every aspect of life. I begin to feel stretched thin from all of the work I’ve put into school and life and I just want to rest. I typically read and write less too, but that depends on how stretched I am. I’m a little nervous about exams (specifically my Basic Multivariable Calculus class), but I’m doing fairly well grades-wise up to this point so, hopefully, it won’t be too bad.

On top of that dragging feeling that is school, I started writing my second book! Right now I’m titling it The Branded Blade. It’s got this name for a few reasons. The first is that it sounds kinda cool. But, since that’s not a good enough reason, it deals a little bit with some of the character and world-building. The main character, Jamie Franklin, carries a red-bladed sword with a branded mark on the hilt. The fact that it is a red blade is significant to the world. But, if you want to know why you’ll have to read about it if it gets published. (For more details on the book’s plot, you can read my last blog post here.)

This book really has me excited about writing again. The story feels more unique and it’s a lot less complicated than in my last book. I enjoyed writing multiple POVs, but it is a lot more challenging than just working on one. Plus, the stress of making sure to foreshadow and plant the seeds for events to come in the seventh book in a series while working on the first can be a little much at times. Especially for it being my first book. But, that pressure is gone for The Branded Blade.

I’ve learned a lot since the last time I started a book, and the process here feels a lot smoother. For one thing, I’ve been writing more consistently. My goal is to finish the rough draft of this book by late August/early September. Right now I’m at almost 11k words and I started writing it on April 12th. Not doing too bad considering all the school I’ve had to do.

If you’ve made it this far, I feel like you deserve a bit of a treat, especially since no one reads this blog. So, here’s the first paragraph of the book. It’s not perfect, and it’s still a rough draft, but I feel like it is a good start for the book.

Jamie loved interacting with and studying the many creatures that roamed the lands, but he liked it more when they weren’t trying to kill him in the process. They always seemed to look so docile and friendly in the drawings. He needed to stop trusting the drawings.

The Branded Blade

That’s all I have for this month. Hopefully, I’ll have written some more or done something interesting by the time June rolls around.

That’s wild to think about. June is next month. I feel like 2022 just started.

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My Works


The teapot whistles.
Water begins to boil.
The sun shines over the treetops.

I set the spine-cracked book
On the aged wooden desk
That sits before a large glass window
Overlooking the mountains of mist.

I pour the boiling water
And stir my cup
As I set it down and watch
The sunrise over the peaks.

The water cools
And as I sip,
I flip open to the last page
I journeyed through.
A page where an old man
Made unlikely friends,
Where children became kings and queens,
Where crimes were solved,
And where magic was real.

Each day, new pages to absorb,
With new places, new friends,
And most of all,
New stories.
All at my aged wooden desk,
Never traveling farther than the kitchen.

My Works


There is a cloud that hangs over everyone.
It hides in the shadows where no one can see,
Trying to destroy anyone caught in its darkness,
Tearing at them with its wind and rage.

There is a cloud that hangs over everyone.
There is a cloud that makes one feel
As if the darkness has swallowed them whole
And that there is no one else in the storm,
That no one else is flying without being able to see,
That no one else is burdened with troubles unbearable,
That no one else wants to fly with them.

There is a cloud that hangs over everyone.
There is a cloud that makes that one mistake
Seem as if the world will end.
That there is no recovery from the sentence misspoken,
No recovery from the accident,
No way to finish the work in time,
That there is only the cloud,
Clinging to the thoughts inside of you.

There is a cloud that hangs over everyone.
There is a cloud that makes a day
Switch in an instant.
A day that was bright and full of fun;
A day that you wished would never end,
Turn into one you wish
You could roll over and forget.

There is a cloud that hangs over everyone.
But behind the clouds,
There is a light.
A friendly smile telling you to have a good day,
A text from a friend asking you to lunch,
A conversation where you’re heard,
A laugh at a joke you know isn’t that funny,
A boss or teacher’s congratulations on a job well done.
A light.

The light casts its gaze over the clouds,
And after a while,
The cloud begins to fade,
Rain begins to dry,
Blossoms begin to bloom,
And the sun begins to shine on another day.
A day with new growth.
A day with new life.
A new day.