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Poetry, Books, and New Magic

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since the update, and I have a feeling there are a couple of things that you would like to hear about. A lot has happened since my year in review. As a complete shocker, I haven’t really followed the schedule that I laid out in the review. But, I […]

July 2020 Update On My Projects

Well, it’s been a couple of months since I updated everyone on the status of my multiple writing projects (subscribers to The Raven get monthly updates). So I figured I’d go ahead and update you guys! The SiteI’ve got a couple of several part article series in the works. I want to write them in […]

May 2020 Update On My Projects

So, it’s been another month. That means a new update on my projects. Yes, I know. It’s an easy out for an article. But, I’ve been super busy just with life lately, so an easier article was needed. I’m hoping that the next one I publish will be a book review on The Hero of […]

April 2020 Update on My Projects

Well, another month has passed by so it’s time for me to give you an update on my projects. You may have noticed that I haven’t titled this article “April 2020 Update on #tIRS” and I did that for a reason. I now am working on two projects at one time. I’m still working on […]

March 2020 Update on Book One in the #tIRS

I was thinking about it recently, and you blog readers haven’t had an update on my book in a while (I give readers of “The Raven” weekly updates on it though). So, I thought, “Let’s give the readers an update!” So here we go. The progress is going slow, really slow. I haven’t had a […]

Quick Update on Book One of #tIRS

Today I finished writing the fifth chapter in #tIRS! It feels like a huge accomplishment. Why is that a big deal you may wonder? The end of Chapter Five means that I have now completed 20% of the rough draft of the novel, and I have officially sent off the main character [of this novel […]

Update On Book One in #tIRS

So the last few days I have gotten a ton of writing done. In fact, yesterday alone I wrote about three thousand words (the book is now at a little over ten-thousand)! I think that is an all-time high in my writing career. The book is coming along smoothly and I have enjoyed writing this […]