Red Swords, Integrals, and Longer Days

When the days get longer, I feel more exhausted. It could also be because school is getting close to being over (I’m in exam week right now) and I’m just sleeping less. I was thinking to myself earlier this week about how little I really use my website to engage readers and talk more about […]

Poetry, Books, and New Magic

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since the update, and I have a feeling there are a couple of things that you would like to hear about. A lot has happened since my year in review. As a complete shocker, I haven’t really followed the schedule that I laid out in the review. But, I […]


The teapot whistles.Water begins to boil.The sun shines over the treetops. I set the spine-cracked bookOn the aged wooden deskThat sits before a large glass windowOverlooking the mountains of mist. I pour the boiling waterAnd stir my cupAs I set it down and watchThe sunrise over the peaks. The water coolsAnd as I sip,I flip […]


There is a cloud that hangs over everyone.It hides in the shadows where no one can see,Trying to destroy anyone caught in its darkness,Tearing at them with its wind and rage. There is a cloud that hangs over everyone.There is a cloud that makes one feelAs if the darkness has swallowed them wholeAnd that there […]

2021 – A Year in Review

I hate writing introductions, so I’m going to keep this brief. The year may not be over, but if I don’t write this yearly wrap-up now, I’ll probably forget. I tend to forget to do things on time. I’m working on it. I’ll start by summarizing what I did this year and then talk about […]

Another Update, Kind Of

I am doing a terrible job of updating this blog. Oh well. Anyways, I started writing (another) book, but I don’t care as much about this one. So, I’m going to be posting the chapters as I write them. They are going to be rough draft chapters, so there will be mistakes and continuity errors […]

The Long Expected Update

It’s been quite a while since I updated this blog. In short: I’ve been busy. At the beginning of December, I kept telling myself I was going to post one long wrap-up for the year. I outlined it and everything, but then I ended up working full-time (not by choice) and having to do a […]

July 2020 Update On My Projects

Well, it’s been a couple of months since I updated everyone on the status of my multiple writing projects (subscribers to The Raven get monthly updates). So I figured I’d go ahead and update you guys! The SiteI’ve got a couple of several part article series in the works. I want to write them in […]

Book Review: The Last Wish

This is a Spoiler-Free Review. I decided to take a (very brief) break from reading Sanderson. But I still wanted to read Epic Fantasy (. I like short stories, and I had heard that The Witcher series started off with short stories. And what with the show coming out recently, I decided, “why not?” It […]

A Writer’s Tool: Note Taking

Earlier this week, I toyed around with this idea that I got a few months back. It all started while I was watching the Brandon Sanderson BYU lectures on YouTube (a great resource that you can access for free on his channel). In the lecture (I don’t remember which one) he talked about the writer’s […]

Book Review – The Hero of Ages

Spoilers for The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson to follow! Well, this review is gonna be tough. I noticed with my last couple of reviews, I haven’t done a very good job of criticizing what the book didn’t do well. I hate to be overly critical of books, but at the same time, it […]

May 2020 Update On My Projects

So, it’s been another month. That means a new update on my projects. Yes, I know. It’s an easy out for an article. But, I’ve been super busy just with life lately, so an easier article was needed. I’m hoping that the next one I publish will be a book review on The Hero of […]

The Importance of Chapter One (or the Prologue)

So why is the first chapter so important? The first chapter is many things, but it ultimately helps the reader decide if they want to keep reading. As writers, we want our readers to keep reading our story. The first chapter is our best bet at getting them to keep reading. So, what can we […]

Update to Posting Schedule

Hey everyone! I have decided to make some pretty big changes to my posting schedule. First, let me tell you why I have made these changes to the blog. I have noticed that my articles are not getting a lot of views when I post them weekly, even though they do okay after a matter […]

April 2020 Update on My Projects

Well, another month has passed by so it’s time for me to give you an update on my projects. You may have noticed that I haven’t titled this article “April 2020 Update on #tIRS” and I did that for a reason. I now am working on two projects at one time. I’m still working on […]

Why I Use the Three-Act Story Structure

There are many story structures out there. Now while I know of only a handful, I have already chosen the one I’m going to use for the rest of my writing (or until I become a lot more experienced and decide its not for me). I use the three-act story structure format. If you’re not […]

The Music in Writing

I listen to a lot of music. A LOT of music. I listen to music while doing school, while I’m writing, pretty much if I’m doing something, music is going in the background. While I listen to the normal pop songs and such, orchestra music, particularly scores from movies and TV shows, have a special […]

Book Review – The Well of Ascension

Spoilers for The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson are to follow! Well, I finished another book. And it was a good one! After the end of Mistborn: The Final Empire, I didn’t think that Sanderson would be able to make the sequel nearly as good as the first one. And while it wasn’t as […]

March 2020 Update on Book One in the #tIRS

I was thinking about it recently, and you blog readers haven’t had an update on my book in a while (I give readers of “The Raven” weekly updates on it though). So, I thought, “Let’s give the readers an update!” So here we go. The progress is going slow, really slow. I haven’t had a […]

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