Another Update, Kind Of

I am doing a terrible job of updating this blog.

Oh well.

Anyways, I started writing (another) book, but I don’t care as much about this one. So, I’m going to be posting the chapters as I write them. They are going to be rough draft chapters, so there will be mistakes and continuity errors because I am human and am not perfect. Feel free to comment on the chapters! Click here to start reading!

As for my other projects, I did a long thread on Twitter recently updating my progress on #tIRS. In summary: I have over 110k words written so far. I’m getting close to reaching the third plot point. I’m hoping to be finished with the rough draft by the end of the summer.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading as well. I’m currently sitting at twenty-two books read this year. That’s already two more than last year. My favorite has definitely been The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. That book is one of my favorites of all time. Other notable reads have been the Murderbot Diaries and the A Song of Ice and Fire series. The Witcher series has also been an amazing continuous read.

My other projects are going slow. Best way to summarize those is that I’m pretty much at the same spot I was last time.

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