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Update to Posting Schedule

Hey everyone!

I have decided to make some pretty big changes to my posting schedule.

First, let me tell you why I have made these changes to the blog. I have noticed that my articles are not getting a lot of views when I post them weekly, even though they do okay after a matter of time has gone by. But, if I’m putting in effort to be putting out articles weekly, that’s taking away from the time I have to be writing my books. So, if I switch up my posting schedule, I’ll have more time for the projects I am super passionate about and hopefully finish those sooner.

Second, a change to the newsletter. I’ve decided I’m going to be changing when I send my newsletter (named “The Raven”). Why? Well, for one thing, it wasn’t getting read by many of you. In fact, I think Issue 15 (April 11th’s edition) only 40% of you subscribers read it. I think a reason for this is, I send it too frequently. People get a lot of emails these days, and I know even when I get a lot of emails from certain lists, I just mark them as read. But, there are newsletters that I get that hardly ever get sent out, and I always read those in full. So I’ve decided to shorten the number of newsletters I send and hopefully, that will help you guys not to have as many emails in your email!

Third, the actual changes. So I have decided to change my weekly posting of blog posts to biweekly. I’ll still post on Tuesdays, but I’ll only post on the first and third Tuesday of the month. This will give me more time to write better posts as well. I said I would be changing when I would send “The Raven” as well. I have decided to only send it out on the last Saturday of the month. This is so I don’t clog up your emails and that, hopefully, they will be more attractive to be read.

Thanks to all of my dedicated readers of the blog! Let me know if you think there are any other changes that should be implemented or not.

From my pen to your paper, may our swords never clash.

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