A Quick Break

Hey guys! This week I will not be posting a new article. I was pretty busy this past week and was not able to get much writing done. Though, I am close to crossing the 20k word mark in Book One of #tIRS, in fact I’m only 300 words from crossing it. But, I wasn’t able to write but a thousand words in it last week. I hope to accomplish more than that this week. My goal is to have a new article to you guys next Tuesday at 6AM (which is my goal every week, but isn’t happening today, quite obviously).

I recently got Scrivener, and am excited to try out this new writing program! I actually think that my writing will go a lot faster and smoother because I will be able to access so many notes at once and search for them. We shall see.

Thanks guys for your patience with me!

From my pen to your paper, may our swords never clash.

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