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Learning From Our Detestation

Unfortunately, I started my Chemistry class today. I have never been a big fan of Science in general, but have always done fairly well in it (I finished Biology with a 93% a couple of weeks ago). I have heard from friends and family that Chemistry is the worst one of them all. So I have been dreading the arrival of doing it.

But today, I decided to have a different perspective on it. It may not be my favorite subject, in fact, it probably will be my least favorite subject. But, I am going to commit to learning it the best I can and doing the best I can in the class.

You may ask why? Well, my Dad wisely advised me to look at the subjects I dislike in a different fashion. He said that I should look at everything I learn as giving me more knowledge that I can put towards writing. Take Science for example. I am learning Chemistry right now, and this is giving me an opportunity to think about how a Chemist thinks and works. So if I ever write a character that works as a Chemist, I will know how to write that character better. And if I ever write a Science Fiction Novel (I actually have had the wheels turning and have been thinking about that lately, no promises on when), I will be better equipped to write the Science in Science Fiction. I believe that my writing will greatly improve from this decision and I look forward to seeing how.

So I have decided I am going to put more effort into the subjects I dislike. I’m going to see what I can learn so that I can write things I may not care about now (such as a Chemist), but things that I may need to know in later novels. It’s gonna be hard because my tendency is to hate the subject I dislike and just complain about it, but I also look forward to challenges, and this is gonna be a challenge.

Please comment below! I want to hear what you guys think about this!

From my pen to your paper, may our swords never clash.

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2 replies on “Learning From Our Detestation”

This is a great perspective. I’m currently working on A.P Chemistry and have felt the same dread and drag that you have when trying to do something that I don’t enjoy. However, learnign from not enjoying it is something I’ve been tryng to do too. Thanks for the reminder!

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