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Quick Update on Book One of #tIRS

Today I finished writing the fifth chapter in #tIRS! It feels like a huge accomplishment. Why is that a big deal you may wonder? The end of Chapter Five means that I have now completed 20% of the rough draft of the novel, and I have officially sent off the main character [of this novel ;)] to begin his journey. Now the book is in no way perfect at this point, in fact, I’m estimating I will need to do three drafts before it begins to be perfect.

I plan on doing about four drafts. The first draft I am working on right now. Once the rough draft is completed, I will print it and go by hand marking mistakes to fix and adding in more details where needed. Then draft three will be more of an official editing draft looking for grammatical mistakes and unnecessary parts. Then the book will be given to a couple of my trusted writing and reading friends. Once getting their feedback I will do another draft correcting things. Then I’ll need to decide what to do with my finished novel! My goal is to have finished drafting all four drafts by the end of 2021, or early 2022.

What happens after that will depend on how many people are following my writing career with interest, i.e. reading the blog regularly, checking out the site regularly, and reading the newsletters. So we’ll see what happens!

From my pen to your paper, may our swords never clash.

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